For Parents

A Few Tip From Your Maumelle Senior Picture Photographer


Know what kind of photo you want for yourself.

As the photographer I want to make everyone happy but I can almost guarantee that the parents idea for the session and the seniors will be different. Thats why I always ask the mom or dad what kind of photo they want for themselves. Parents often go into a photo session with an idea in mind of what they want which is great just be sure and let me know. Todays Maumelle Seniors want cool edgy pictures with the latest fashions but moms and dads may want more traditional portraits. The good news is we can do both.

Compromise is the name of the game for a stress free senior picture session.

 Let your senior be free to express the kind of photo that she/he wants. This is their time to shine and they will shine best if they have the freedom to express it.  Of course we need to stay age appropriate but I encourager you to strike a deal with you senior before the session. They can have pictures in the outfits they want but in exchange they do a few pictures in outfits and poses you want.

Tell me about your expectations and about your senior.

The more I know about your senior’s personality, his/her likes and interests, temperament, etc., means I can better capture the ‘real’ person.


Smiles, this one is a big.

More times than not I have not meet your senior so during the session I need you to tell me when a smile looks forced. It maybe that we need to go a little slower so the senior can relax more.When it comes to senior pictures, one of the most important factors is capturing an authentic expression — a real smile. Unfortunately, a genuine smile can be hard to come by during a structured photo shoot. With gear around and pressure on the subject, a fake smile is much more likely so we need to work together on this one so we get good natural smiles.

Be helpful to your senior and the photographer.

This means helping them with outfit changes and reassuring them that their hair and makeup looks good. But then step back a little and let the photographer make beautiful images of your senior.

Last One.

Always always feel free to speak your mind. For your senior this is likely the last formal portrait they will have made before getting married and I take that very serious. So do not every feel like you can not ask me a question or express your opinion.